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5 Stars
"Dr. Hazen is a gem within Ormond Beach and a true Dentist that cares for his patients. Unlike some other area providers, he takes the time to get to know his patents as does his wonderful staff. Classic Rock music and him being a proud Florida Gator alum makes it even better. GO GATORS!"
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Keith Deaton
5 Stars
"I have been a patient here for years. Recently, I came in for a teeth cleaning with my 3 month old in tote. He would typically be sleeping during my appointment time, but for whatever reason, was not this day. When he would get fussy during my cleaning, the receptionist would come in and entertain him. The the hygienist went as fast as she could under the circumstances. I really appreciate the effort they gave to make sure I was able to have my teeth cleaned, even with a baby:)"
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Pasy Poer
5 Stars
"Dr. Hazen takes time to discuss your needs. His staff is professional and the results are always excellent. He is a great dentist!"
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JJ Crane
5 Stars
"Dr. Hazen has *fixed* problems of mine from other dentists - crowns, fillings, etc that were improperly installed - in a quick thorough manner. I will never go to another dentist again, I wish I would've just gone to Dr. Hazen in first place so it was just done right the first time around.

Additionally, I always appreciate the on time appointments (no waiting in lounge for 30 minutes after your "appt" was scheduled) and friendly staff."
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Beau Parrish
5 Stars
"Excellent dentist, personable, and takes pride in his work. I'm moving for my job and am sad to know I will not be able to see Dr. Hazen in Clearwater, FL. Finding another Dentist that performs the quality and detailed work will be next to impossible. Thanks for all you have done in the years I have been seeing you."
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Amber Marcoux
5 Stars
"The staff at Hazen Family Dentistry is amazing. They are patient, kind, and understanding and do everything possible to give you the healthiest smile. I have had multiple issues with my teeth over the years and am VERY fearful of the dentist.

Through back and forth with insurance issues I made the decision to pay out of pocket for Hazen instead of going with a corporate dentist that my insurance provides. Today, after tireless issues with another dentist, I called Hazen back to talk about making this decision. Tabitha was amazing, she was kind, thoughtful, and calmed me down in time of stress. When you are a fearful person, she knew EXACTLY what to do to ease my fears. It's because of the quality work and customer service they provide that I will continue to go here.

Thank you!"
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Meli Goldwir
5 Stars
"We love the office and you all do a wonderful job. We wouldn't go anywhere else. :)"